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Temperature Sensors

Temperature diference between a 1,50 meters and 7 metres

          Temperature sensor at 1,50 m.                                    Temperature sensor at 7 meters

                                     Data are from the present day and are updated every 5 minutes


Today´s Temperature Graph (Màx. i Min.) 1,50m.          Today´s Temperature Graph (Màx. i Min.) a 7m.

 Monthly Temperature Graph (Max. i Min.) at 1,50m.      Monthly Temperature Graph (Max. i Min.) at 7,0 m

  Yearly Temperature Graph (Max. i Min.) at 1,50m. .         Yearly Temperature Graph (Max. i Min.) at 7,0 m.


 Starting the January 1st 201, Meteoportocolom provides a Termo-Higrometer sensor from the davis Station 1,50 meters aborc the ground, according to the rules of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). To reep the measured data of the year 2009 2010 and 2011 and to be able to contrast the temperature of the sensor from the terrace between (7 meters) and 1,50 meters from the ground, I installed a Termo-higrometer "Lacrosse" netx to the Davis Station. These sensors were tested and the variation was -0,1º C practically identical.

In thermal invercion nights, clear skies and calm nights (as we know the cold air accumulates at the lower parts), the temperature measured at 1,50 meters can be reached be up to 4º C lower than that measured 7 meters high, in the case of Meteoportocolom.

In the summer during the day, the temperature measured 1,50 meters in the central hours of the day on sunny day can be up 3º C above  the temperature measured on the terrace at 7,0 meters  where these is always more airy.



      Sensor de temperatura "Davis" a 1,50 metres             Sensor de temperatura "Lacrosse" a 7 metres (terrat)



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